The Team Collectors website was finally launched, replacing our "forums only" format with an actual site.

The Team Collectors new domain went live. Community forums were migrated from their previous home to the new group-owned domain.


How We Trade Cards

The process is fairly simple and straight-forward:

Each member of The Team Collectors has a favorite team. If your team is available when you join us, you become the owner for said team. Therefore, each team has a collector that receives packages from all the other collectors, and as you can guess... those packages are loaded with cards from their favorite team. In return for receiving cards of your favorite team, you must sort and mail packages of all the other teams to their respective collector.

Packages usually consist of 2-4 "team bags", shipped in a bubble mailer. A team bag generally holds about 25 cards, so most packages are 50-100 cards. Card values are typically overlooked and members can send whatever they are comfortable with giving away. Whether that is all base cards or a mix of inserts and parallels, everything is acceptable. Most everyone has found that book values get kicked to the curb and this group is one of the most generous of collectors to ever trade cards. 

If all of this has only confused you, don't worry... we help explain everything to new members before any cards are traded in or out of your cherished collections. Friends first, collectors forever.