The Team Collectors website was finally launched, replacing our "forums only" format with an actual site.

The Team Collectors new domain went live. Community forums were migrated from their previous home to the new group-owned domain.


About The Team Collectors

We are a group of baseball card collectors, each focused on collecting cards of our favorite team.

The group was initially formed as a means of adding cards to our collections from each of our respective favorite teams. This is accomplished by each member sorting their cards by team and mailing those cards to each of the appropriate team collectors within the group.

However, since the groups inception in October 2005, we have evolved from a group of card collectors to a collection of friends from all across the country. While we have our team rivalries, we all come together as fans of baseball cards and fans of "America's favorite past time" baseball.

A few years ago we decided to share our love for the game by meeting for an MLB baseball game. It has become an annual tradition since, where as many collectors as can make the trip will meet for a weekend of baseball. To date, we have visited Camden Yards, Nationals Park, Busch Stadium, PNC Park and Kaufmann Stadium. Each year we evaluate all the parks and attempt to select the most convenient location for as many collectors as we can gather. Perhaps one day we will have visited all 30 parks... perhaps a TC bucket list?